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Share Your ExperienceAt Coastal Eye Care, our focus is making sure every patient has the best possible experience. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their experience with us.

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I first met you and your wonderful staff in early June; I now have vision like I haven’t had since I was 9 or 10! 

What an on-going joy it is to wake up each morning and be able to see across the room; then look out my windows and see down into the fields and woods.  I am thrilled!!!

Thank you Dr. Piazza and thanks, too, to your exceptional staff.  They were always caring and gracious as well as professional.



I can’t explain this experience in words, but I will try!

On May 25th, my right eye was operated on.  At first I expected to receive a black eye patch to cover my eye for a few days. Instead, I had a clear plastic patch to cover my eye which I could see through. I kept my eye mostly closed for the first day, but the next morning when I opened my eye, I was amazed.  Less than 24 hours after the operation I could see objects and colors which I hadn’t seen for years!  I can now apply my make-up without a magnifying mirror.  I have carried one of these magnifying mirrors with me while I traveled for the last 20 years! What a miracle!

I also imagined that I wouldn’t be allowed to drive my car for a few days—not true!  I was told that by the second day I could drive immediately!

Overall, from the very first day that I visited the doctor’s office, everyone I met was very professional and informative, and I will “sing their praises forever”!  I can’t say enough for the employees in the offices of the Coastal Eye Care in Ellsworth and Sunrise Eye Care in Machias who gave me such good care and information.

After my initial evaluation and with the assurance of my niece that I was under the best of care, I chose the multifocal lens. I was advised that Dr. Piazza had successfully performed many of these procedures. This operation was so successful that I look forward to having the other eye operated on, and I would highly recommend this cataract surgery by Dr. Piazza (he’s just great!) and this facility to all my friends back home.



I am 64 and had cataract surgery with the multifocal replacement lens.  Dr. Piazza and his staff made me feel confident about having the surgery. They were competent, attentive, and patient.  I received a very thorough exam during the consultation visit and they answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. 

I would recommend Dr. Piazza to friends and family.  I would tell them that the surgical procedure was explained in a way I could understand and that I felt well cared for. Options as to lenses and anesthesia were presented so I could make an informed decision.  My experience was completely positive.

Every morning when I am sitting in bed waking up, the wonder of my new eyesight is invariably one of my first thoughts.  Colors are lighter and brighter, everything looks new and fresh, the trees, the sky, the cat!  I marvel at the clarity of my sight!  I no longer need glasses, even for reading.  It is a medical miracle!

Jean G.


The element that pleased me most is that I can see!!

Everyone that I encountered was professional, kind, and knowledgeable.  From my first visit, everything ran smoothly.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Piazza to friends and family. I would tell them to feel comfortable about getting really fine care.

I have attached a little note that I hope helps you (and maybe other patients) about my experience.

Linda M.


I found that having the eye surgery at Coastal Eye Care a very pleasant and easy experience due to the caring individuals that work there and the doctor that made my surgery pain free. I can now see with clarity and I don’t have to wear glasses!

I would recommend Coastal Eye Care to my family and friends. I would tell them that they are very professional, very pleasant, and they keep in contact with you through your surgery process. 

Thank you, Dr. Piazza, for making me see more clearly- no excuses anymore!!

Linda C.


What pleased me most about my surgery is being able to see without glasses. It is truly a life changing event!

The staff is both competent and pleasant!

Fred B.


Thank you for trusting us with something as precious as your vision. We know sometimes patients are uncertain about procedures and it truly helps them to learn about what our patients experience here at Coastal Eye Care. We would like to share your experience with others so they can feel confident in their choice to not only see us, but to see how life-changing our vision correction options are.

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